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Inspiring a passion for growth and, leadership along with providing a means to do so.

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Leadership Development Community

Training, Learning & Development, Learning & Development, Coaching, The Leadership Game Simulation, Meetups, And Assessment Services.

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Learning & Development Community 

Training, Learning & Development, The TWI Game Simulation, Downstreaming, Certification, & Results.

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Teambuilding & TeamLeading Community

Training, Learning & Development, Assessments & Results.

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Discussion Leading Community 

Training, Learning & Development, Downstreaming, & Certification.

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Lean Transformation Community

Speaking, Training, Learning & Development, The Lean Game Simulation, Coaching & Results.

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What clients are saying 

Dave was instrumental in planting the seeds for starting the continuous improvement journey at Frontier. Dave brought a practical approach along with flexibility to adjust to our unique expectations and requests. He led Kaizen events and trained facilitators to allow us to continue the journey and sustain the gains. I highly recommend Dave for providing guidance of process optimization at all levels.


Business Analyst / Data QA

Dave is one of the most down to earth professionals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I enjoyed his style of teaching/showing and doing lean manufacturing principles. He was very knowledgeable on using lean principles. His knowledge of the Manufacturing environment was extremely helpful in letting people know he knew what he was talking about.


Business Office Manager 

You opened my eyes to a lot of new concepts, its excellent material keep teaching it. 


Staff Development Session  Participant Oct 2019  

I think this course did an excellent job of explaining and modeling true leadership. The various delivery methods helped me understand and learn. 


Staff Development Session Participant Oct 2019 

Personally I am already using the learning styles & DISC methods to work better with my teams 


Staff Development Session Participant Oct 2019 

At the start of the series we wondered how we could possibly spend this much time on change leadership, by the end of the series we were seeing results thirsting for more. 

Change Leadership Practitioner Certification Participants May 2019   

I registered to take a Leadership Gold course with friends. Learned so much about leadership and I highly recommend this course to help identify effective leadership qualities and traits.

Rebecca S.

December 2019

I think we all now understand that reliability is everyones job!

The Reliability Game Rocks!!!

Emma B.

October 2020

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